You know what rhymes with holidays? Alcohol! Here are 8 delightfully delicious holiday drinks to up-level your holiday get-togethers.

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Image from Elle Talk

Spiced Sugar Cookie Martini from Elle Talk

I love sugar cookies and I love martinis. This cocktail snags an A+ for combining both. Yum!

Image from Delish

Drunk Jack Frosties from Delish

Sugar the rim for this frosty that I’m sure Jack would approve of!

Image from A Bar Above

Rumchata Eggnog from A Bar Above

I am a huge fan of eggnog and an even bigger fan of RumChata. This cocktail is sure to become a traditional holiday drink in my house!

Image from A Night Owl Blog

Candy Cane Shooters from A Night Owl Blog

Nothing says “Christmas” like candy canes! This festive and sweet holiday shot will definitely delight during any holiday gathering.

Image from Shugary Sweets

Grinch Drink from Shugary Sweets

Don’t be a grinch during the holidays; drink one! Check out this fun looking adult beverage.

Image from The Speckled Palate

Cranberry Mule from The Speckled Palate

This drink will take a little more time to prepare, but if you love cranberries and Moscow mules, this drink will make it worth your while.

Image from Love and Olive Oil

Raspberry Russian from Love and Olive Oil

Not only is this drink pretty, but I’m sure it is absolutely delicious. Raspberries are in the top three on my favorite fruits list. A must try!

Images from Dishes Delish

Jack Frost Cocktail from Dishes Delish

Now I know you’re wondering why I have two “Jack Frost” drinks on this list, but this drink just looked too good to leave off. I’m going with the coconut rum option for sure!


We really hope you enjoy this list of holiday drinks! If you try any of them, we’d love to know how they come out! Tag us on social media or even comment below.

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