It’s just about time for those ugly sweater parties!

There’s even a whole day dedicated to the ugly sweater. Ugly Sweater Day is celebrated on December 21st!

To get you ready we found 7 of the most popular stores that sell ugly sweaters and picked out the least ugly ones we could find. They may be silly or lack some taste, but they’re not your run-of-the-mill “ugly”. Check ’em out!

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Fighting Ginjas from Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ninja gingerbread men intrigue us. Need we say more?


 Men’s Holiday Reindeer from Amazon

This one’s cute. That pom pom nose is awesome!


Santa on a Unicorn in Space from Tipsy Elves

Santa. On a Unicorn. In space. My son would even wear this one.


Cute Penguin from Rag Stock

Penguins are awesome. On sweaters they’re cute. That’s the reason this one made the list.


Elf DJ from Funky Christmas Sweaters

This one is a bit on the expensive side, but it made the list because it’s just super cool.


Cool Reindeer from Rose Gal

Unlike the pom pom reindeer above, this reindeer is smoooooth.


Animated Crackling Fireplace from The Green Head

This sweater gets extra points for interactivity! That fireplace will surely have people talking. BONUS: Handy phone holder while you mingle.

We really hope you enjoy this list of not so ugly Christmas sweaters! And really… if you try that crackling fireplace, we’d love to know! Tag us on social media or even comment below.

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